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Seasonal Information

Pothole Suspension Repair

Spring Readiness

Spring road conditions are a relief after winter, but they're not perfect. With the turn of the season to warm weather and rain storms comes an unwelcome guest: potholes. No matter how defensively you drive, sometimes there's no missing these pitfalls in the road. You'll know when you hit one hard, both feeling and hearing the impact.

Depending on how frequently and how hard you hit potholes, it can have an effect on your suspension system that results in added tire wear and component wear. While today's car suspensions are built robust in anticipation of pothole damage, it's still possible to knock your vehicle out of alignment from them.

RCL Automotive Tire Discounter Group is ready to assist with a wide range of suspension repair services. Request a suspension check today. We serve Smiths Falls, ON, Perth, ON, Merrickville, ON, and surrounding areas.

Suspension Shocks in Smiths Falls, ON

What Does the Suspension System Do?

The suspension system supports your vehicle and maintains safe driving conditions. Your vehicle uses the suspension system to keep its tires on the road and absorb any impacts from imperfections like bumps and pot holes.

It's thanks to the suspension system that you can enjoy a comfortable ride.

Consult your owner's manual for recommended suspension maintenance intervals. Whenever replacing tires, it's also a good idea to request an alignment check to ensure you're in the best position to get the longest life out of your new set.

Schedule a Suspension Service Today

Our suspension services include:

Call (613) 284-2422 to talk with a member of our service department, or visit us during our hours of operation. You can also schedule an appointment online anytime and a member of our staff will be in contact to confirm the date and time.

Schedule My Suspension Service

Wheel Alignment in Smiths Falls, ON

Signs of a Suspension Problem

Suspension problems can appear in the form of steering problems. If you're driving straight in a lane but your car keeps pulling toward one side of the road, you may need an alignment or other suspension service. Difficulty steering in general can point to a problem with the automotive suspension system. Finally, a noticeable decrease in ride comfort can be the result of a suspension problem.

Now that pot holes are in season again, it's especially important to keep an eye on how your vehicle drives after hitting these road hazards. If you're getting new tires or you've reached the recommended number of miles in your owner's manual, you should also request an alignment check and/or suspension inspection.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact RCL Automotive Tire Discounter Group. We're here to help keep your car dependable season after season.

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